Omnia + mosquitto (mqtt) + websockets

Hi, I need mqtt broker with websockets support. I’ve installed mosquitto, but when I set protocol websockets in mosquitto.conf, server cannot start. You can find note “Websockets support is currently disabled by default at compile time” in conf file.
Why is it compiled without websockets support? Websockets were main new feature in mosquitto 1.4 and Omnia has version 1.4.9 in repositories.

Did you use mosquitto or mosquitto-nossl? The nossl-version has websockets disabled.

I tried both versions (mosquitto (version with ssl) first) with the same result and both has “Websockets support is currently disabled by default at compile time” note in conf file.
Are you sure mosquitto (ssl version) has websockets enabled?

The SSL version has websockets enabled.

What is your output of mosquitto -c /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf ?

Thank you. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but now I uninstalled all mosquitto related packages, installed again, set my conf file exactly the same way as before and it’s working.
Maybe some bug in Omnia package system, because now I remember I installed Home Automation package through Foris Update and nothing happened. After some longer time (and maybe restarts) I had message in Foris / Home page that some packages were uninstalled (and nothing installed). Maybe this uninstalled libwebsockets or something like that and I overlooked it. Now I have Home Automation package unticked and everything seems working fine.
Thank you again!