Omnia - laggy confcalls

I have one of these “easy to test and find” problems.


  • 1/0,5Gbps FTTH converted to copper on WAN
  • Omnia w/both 5 and 2.4Ghz wifi networks turned on
  • netdata + openvpn server running as the major services turned on
  • no heavy load in the network (just home newtork with <10 devices incl phones), the most heavy probably being transmission server (over copper, not wifi, but it’s mostly running <2MB/s and capped at 100 connections in total and 20MB/s)

Now the problem. My wife complains that during her Gmeet / Zoho / Whatsapp calls there are sudden “lags” where it’s telling her the connection is weak, video&sound is stuttering and after few seconds it’s fine again. And according to her that repeats once per 1-5 minutes. Some calls are fine but some being problematic. I tried SQM but according to her the problem still persists (test results after setting up are at worst B for both the quality and bufferbloat).

And I’m stuck now - do you have any idea what might be causing it? What to modify? How to run some long-term test to find the source issue?

Can you run iftop during her calls? That could tell you at least something…

So the omnia can not traffic shape with sqm at 1/0.5 Gbps, the best I got reliably out of it was 0.5/0.5 Gbps, but that was with a stripped down configuration, with all bells and whistles (pakon, wifi, firewalling NAT, sqm) I am not on a 100/40 Mbps link can shape comfortably with some CPU cycles to spare.

Wired or over WiFi? Maybe try wired first and if that works try to figure out what makes WiFi unhappy?

To try to pin down if the issue is local you can log ping response times from her client to your router during conf calls.
If the ping times increases when she experience ”lag” you should investigate your local stuff and not so much shaping at the wan side.

Typically you will notice >200ms latency while in a conf call, in my experience.
So your local stuff should not ad more than say
50ms during load

Problem is she working permanently from home while I’m permanently in the office. But I’ll try to do some tests while she is on the call. I asked her to try the copper in order to rule out wifi impact, but she lost her USB hub. :smiley: So have to wait until she finds it with that one.