Omnia image without foris?


it’s time to update my omnia. Right now it’s running 15.05.
I’m looking for a default openwrt image with all drivers (etc.), but without modifications done by turris.

Is there some kind of image?


Try this one. At your own risk

thank you.

I think this is no solution for me.

Somenthing else: I try to install kmod-ipsec4, but every time I install kernel packages turris is booting into rescue mode.
any Idea how to debug?

uname -r:

Any possibility to get kmod-ipsec in that version?

A full mirror dump with all packages matching this system (kernel) wouldbe great.


searching for half an hour, this must be the right one:

Long way to go… got working ipsec ikev2 15.05 with iphone:
this post was fuc**ing helpful:

Your Turris version is over three years old, apparently. Personally I’d first update to somewhat recent version before trying to set up “fancy stuff” like ipsec (ideally a supported one, say the latest 3.x at least), but maybe your situation is special…

Yes of course, you are right. I compiled a lot of packages in the past and the router contains tons of written scripts, working like a spider web with sshfs and stuff like that. I simply have no time to do things again, I need it working.
But don’t worry. There are no open ports to the internet. Ipsec connection needs preactivation (firewall).

Last step. I think to bridge the ipsec network to the lan interface. I’m not sure this will work.