Omnia 3.11.2/Loss of WAN connection

Hi all,

I sometimes lose the WAN connection (IPV4) which forces me to reconnect the interface (LuCI->Network->Interfaces->WAN->Connect). It seems this problem appears after update or reboot of the router. If I am at home, it is not a problem but outside home I can no longer access at my personnal desktop via OpenVPN. I cannot reproduce this problem. He arrives from time to time.

Would anyone have an idea. Or how can I investigate to correct this problem? Thanks in advance for your answers.


Hi all,

No one has any idea?

To force WAN reconection after router reboot, how can we do “LuCI->Network->Interfaces->WAN->Connect” in command line?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


For reconnecting from ssh command line is command

ifup wan   # edit command is "ifup"

I wish luck.

There should be hints in the syslog.

What type of WAN connectivity?

Hi ajb007, it works. Thanks. I tried with ifconfig but it didn’t work.


Hi n8v8r, no, nothing in the syslog related to wan connection problem. My connection WAN is fiber thru Orange (livebox modem).

Oddly, in Luci, the WAN connection is marked as functional with a correct uptime and the incoming (RX) and outgoing (TX) packets counters which increments. However, network->diagnostics does not work (neither ping, nor traceroute, nor nslookup) and nothing works from my machines (no internet access). Each time, a “connect” on the WAN interface is necessary to fix the problem.


That is a bit odd, usually there is some output in the syslog regarding wan connectivity and which is quickly accessible from ssh cli with logread | grep wan.

Is the modem:

  • full bridge, i.e. WAN authentication, DNS, DHCP, routing, firewall handled by the TO
  • half bridge, i.e. WAN authentication (and perhaps also DNS, DHCP) handled by the LiveBox and routing, firewall handled by the TO
  • non bridge, i.e. WAN authentication, DNS, DHCP, routing, firewall handled by the LiveBox

It might be a bug in netfifd (OpenWrt network manager) which with TOS3.x is outdated and has undergone some development in more contemporary branches of the OS.

With TOS3.x having sort of reached EoL (though not yet officially declared as such) it is not likely that much effort would be devoted in trying to debug and remedy the issue.

You could try TOS4.x and see if it still happens but then it might be not as for instance this PPPoE issue [1] being observed (albeit on a xDSL upstream link instead of fibre)

If you are inclined to debug the matter however you could, on occurrence of the issue, start at the root (physical link layer)

  • ip -d -s -h l sh eth1 (TOS3.x) | ip -d -s -h l sh eth2 (TOS4.x), or
  • ifstatus wan (not sure if implemented in TOS3.x)

[1] Unreliable DSL (PPP) connection (#107) · Issues · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab

Hi n8v8r,

Thanks for your answer.

The “logread | grep wan” command shows nothing.

About my livebox, she authenticates for the Wan connection. The omnia is in a DMZ zone and manage the remaining: has a static ip address (Wan side), DNS (DNS/DNSSEC), DHCP for some internal networks…

About the os version, I will see for the version 4. For now, I will add during the router starting (or when a probe test will not work to public address (for example a dns public server)) the command “ifup wan”.