Omnia 2GB No Wifi

I’ve just come across this little gem. Ideally I’d like a 2GB version without wifi. Are these available? I cannot seem to find any for sale.

Wheres the best place to purchase from in the U.K.?

we were selling Turris Omnia 2 GB without WiFi only during our Indiegogo campaign.
It’s possible that you can find some last pieces Turris Omnia 1GB without WiFI.

Is it no longer in production?

That’s right. In production, nowadays there are only 2 GB with WiFi.

Nur you can simply withdraw the mPCIe-WiFi-card, than you have a No-WiFi-version.

Thanks, but I was hoping to be able to save a bit of money, as my budget is quite tight and I already have an AP that is optimally positioned, (as apposed to tucked away where the router is) However I managed to find a second hand 2gb with WiFi model with a 120gb SSD for a reasonable price.

But now I’ve got a WiFi version I will try it out as it’s 3x3 rather than my AP which is 2x2. If it’s good enough might demote the AP to my garage!