OMNIA 2G for sale /200€/ SOLD partially

partially sold. Only LTE and SSD for sale

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Hey, how much for a separator and the LTE module incl. postage to Germany?

Hey :slight_smile:

LTE module incl. antennas 60€
Shipping 10 €
LED separator for free

if it is possible, make a bank transfer first, because PayPal fees is 10 %, or pay 77€ to PayPal


was this one of the original LTE sets and do you supply the heatsink (

This is exactly the same type as original, except heatsink. As shown on pictures, i used another type for cooling because there is a HDD on the top of the cover. So there was no place to install this cube. But the module works perfectly without cooling too. Anyway, low profile heatsink is included and installed, and has bigger surface and lower temperature resistance. Antennas are specially for LTE - 2 longer in the middle on first picture.

Is everything sold or what is left?


je n’ai rien vendu encore

envoye moi un message privé si tu t’interesse

Is TO still available?

Yes. It is.
Are you interested?

Is it still available?
Can’t message you?!

Hye is it still available?
How big is the SSD ?
And how much for everything?