OK Omnia Setup 5/10

Ok power up the Omnia. At step 5/10. It been running quite awhile now. No process bar here. No title to what this 5/10 screen is doing. I assume updates on install since the WWW LED has been flashing heavy the whole time.

I’m on the WWW via the LAN Jack using it as it does it work here. Anyone know whats happening at SETUP 5/10 and how long it takes here normally?

It finally timed out. And locked the Screen. Enter my Password. Screen came backup. Said was syncing with time server. took 20sec max then proceeded to step 6 where it now getting updates.

step 6 took maybe 5min. firmware update successful.

Now at Step 10/10

So two choices Reboot. Makes sense . The Kernel was just update.

Yet below that we have “Continue to the Configuration Interface”. Why??

Looking from a logical perspective. Some people want to go to the configuration interface so they can configure one or two settings then turn off their Omnia. Place it where it should be placed and directly have certain settings done and read. For example…the LAN ip address (…to maybe