Official support or RMA? [solved]

What is the process to complain about hardware failure? My turris omnia reboots when I touch the LAN ports. Basically when you want to check if your cable is well plugged, my router reboots, the LED blink green just when it’s power cycled.

Anyone noticed this? Care to test it?

Where can I complain and get an RMA? I tried sending an email to info@turris and got no reply in days.


Maybe the reset button is not properly fit into box?

Anyway I’ve used for support and got reply within a day…

It is properly fit. I checked. I emailed last week and also yesterday and received nothing so far. Hence I decided to write here.

please be patient, i’m sure they will answer… currently only one guy is available for answering the emails, and there are hundreds of open tickets from people asking “when do i get my router”, i guess

Please check that there is swarf (small metal/ carbon waste) or that pressure would cause contact between places that should be isolated from the case. Important to be clean when handling electronic components!

I decided I’ll try to fix it on my own. I unscrewed the board and I think the LAN ports weren’t properly fixed to the back of the box, giving some wiggle room. That wiggle room caused movement to the reset button which caused the reboots. The reset button is activated by any movement, not just pressing the button, it can be done sideways as well.

Making sure the LAN ports are properly fitted and then screwing the board fixed the issue.

Also I got some tracking from as well, I suggest people communicate for official support there. Just have more patience.