Official aftermarket LTE kit?

Is there an “Official” aftermarket LTE kit that includes everything that shipped with the original Omnia? I don’t know why I didn’t just opt for that option in the first place.

A few references:

I can make these work, but hoping to hear if there was a better, or more official, route of going about this.

Hello Turris team,
I’m one of the early backers (14134619) but only now I have a need for LTE extension pack. There seem to be a few similar unanswered questions regarding LTE pack hardware, lenght of pigtails, size of cooling block, cooling foam type and antenna types. Can you please help us with these questions and specify the parameters of LTE kit and if you have any hints where to source them, that would be great as well.

So far I found:

  • Quectel EC20-E mini PCI-E card
  • Two RF cables (SMA/U.FL) of 10cm and 15cm - can you confirm lengths of cables please?
  • Two LTE Antennas (SMA, 5dbi gain) - where to get reliable ones?
  • cooling block and cooling foam - what are the sizes? where to get them please?
  • anything else?

Thank you very much!!!