Off-site backup

I have a question regarding the (encrypted) off-site backup stretch goal.

What exactly will this backup include? Only the standard settings available in the interface and which you can back up to your own storage anyway? Or a full copy of the file system, including LXC container, with all the packages and custom settings you added via command line?

The second would be quite useful, off-site or not. Very few “hackable” routers allow you to make a full back-up of everything that you can easily restore in case you screw up. Usually they just offer the settings backup through the interface which doesn’t include all those useful customizations you made through the command line and which could take hours of work to get right again.


I am - by far - an Omnia specialist, but I suspect it will be only the first.

Even if the second would be the case the backup storage would probably be very limited (or at least involve a hosting fee), as it would mean a lot of (to be maintained) storage for cz.nic to back-up entire LXC containers which can - in theory - get large. This in contrast to configuration settings only which would take up less than 1MB per router I presume (which should be manageable for them to host from the one-time backer-payments). It could well be set up as a payed online (cloud) service though.

But do not take my word for it (I have only registered to this forum today and have not even ordered an Omnia… yet…).