NTP mismatch with Winter Saving Time

Hi all.
I just started the setup of my (newly reset to factory settings) Turris Omnia, and getting to the “Region and time” part I find the right options for my Continent, Country and TimeZone, but when I click “Update time” after keeping the “via ntp” method for "how to set time"¹ I get a time that is wrong by precisely one hour.

So I guess that NTP doesn’t recognize that French legal hour is not the solar hour but one hour later ?

How to correct that ?

¹ I have what I believe are all the standard ntp servers offered by the default configuration :
2.openwrt.pool.ntp. org
3.openwrt.pool.ntp. org

I think NTP does UTC only, and timezone handling is separate. But I don’t know what OpenWrt does around tzdata.

So, is there something to do ?
Should I just update the time with UTC ?
Or set the time manually ?

where do you see wrong time? There seems to be a library bug that causes display of wrong (UTC) time in some cases.

(note that the summer time is the saving time, winter time is the “standard”).

NTP afaik uses universal time, just as the kernel.

I used so far the GUI web interface, I want to have something working as a point of reference before tinkering with the configuration in CLI.
Just at the step “Region and time”.

do you have proper ntp servers set? and proper time zone?

Proper time settings in Foris, same as in LuCI and System log time one hour back.

Omnia, TOS 5.3.3 migrated from TOS 3 (where it was alright).

if you mean syslog/messages, the reason is documented

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Thanks! Second link does not work.

looks like you need to log on to gitlab.nic.cz to see content.
long story short - some packages log in universal time which is currently one hour less than central europe time

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Thanks a lot.

Sure, but the link point to login page, not to the issue page.

aha - fixed. the URL was changed since

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Yes, as written in my first message.

So I should just go with the time displayed mismatching the legal time by one hour ?

sorry I have no idea why your time is 1 hour off. Can you post a screenshot (similar to mine) or contact turris support?

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