Not understanding what the point of all this was now that I have my router

I received my router a few days ago. The main message that the campaign was about pertained to security of the router. It also stated that the performance would not suffer either. It was supposed to be secured right out of the box per say according to what I read about this router. The issues that I have with this router are enough to give some a headache. First of all, when I install a SSD inside of the router in the third PCi slot, I lose one or both of my WiFi cards. The hard drive causes the other PCi slot devices to go unseen by the router. Secondly, the range of the wireless is terrible. I am not really concerned with the first two issues as I am about the following issues. Third, the device is not secure out of the box. The firewall rules are generic and the device is fairly easy to obtain access to. Fourth, the device runs pretty hot when there is not much going on with it. Fifth, the updates are bugging and fail to properly install on the first go round. Sixth, the GUI is not very user friendly and most of the configuration must be done via CLI by connecting to the router using SSH. This router is not for a basic home user or one that is new to the whole networking scene. Lastly, only a few videos have been created along with even less documentation. Where are the videos and documentation located at? I have only seen what was sent to all of us via email and what I can find on these discussion boards. I also would like to know or at least understand why the whole idea revolved around security, but the device lacks many of the security applications. Everything that must be done and/or configured on this router, except for the basic setup, is a pain and lacks a sense of verification. No IDS/IPS built in capabilities or any parental controls of any kind. I understand that this router is built on OpenWRT, but there are better versions of it installed on other routers. I just thought that this was going to be better than what was already out there, but that is not the case. The heard ware is pretty awesome compared to other routers on the market, but the firmware is not very impressive. I know what OpenWRT is and I have used it before, but the campaign did say that it was based on it. The Web GUI is not fit for the basic user, because you cannot configure much from it. What I mean by much is OpenVPN, TOR, Squid, and so on. Ease of use is out the window and security is not far behind it. CLI is not for everyone and I am just disappointed somewhat in the way things turned out. Waited a year for this router only to get it and have to put more work into getting it running right and secure.


It has been only few days since manufacturing ended and routers were sent to users and there were never any promises that strech goals will be available from the day one.

Also it was never marketed for a basic home users. It seems to be clear even from the video.

Well, I did sign up for the development with the community, of both the router and my minimal coding capability, etc,etc. !!!
I am sick and tired of closed source machines in plastic sealed boxes that one sets up to protect self and family only to find that it has doors and windows everywhere!

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I agree with the general feeling here, but I’m also prepared to give time to the TO team to improve.

Personally, I love tech but I’m no hard core programmer and just as Inkblot17 said, I find it quite difficult to do pretty much whatever you want to do with this router. In order to setup the NAS box for instance, I had to search into the user manual in Czech, only to find out that the solution there wouldn’t optimal so I looked in the forum but the setup described wasn’t quite the same as mine. After a bit of openWRT websites and wikis and a good slice of UNIX commands refresh, 5 hours later, I had my NAS running. I still have that fan-going-full-speed-all-the-time issue though… argh…

I don’t know, I feel that it would be nice to try to bring the open source fashion to at least the tech people, hoping to, one day, get to the masses. Maybe that’s impossible but I have the feeling that this is what Turris want to achieve. If we could hear from them on the direction they want to take now that the HW part of the project is over, that would be much appreciated.


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The problem is that in a way Turris Omnia is a general purpose device. So every person’s setup is unique a there can’t be an universal guide how to configure it.


Not an “universal” guide, that’s definitely a too ambitious goal. But some “typical use cases” (user stories) with detailed step-by-step description would be extremely helpful and increase Turris Omnia “Happy User” base. All that in the spirit of Technical Documentation As Marketing

Just my 2 cents…


Typical use cases are beeing added to:
There will also be Wiki and then there is this community forum.
Also there is OpenWRT Wiki which covers general OpenWRT cases:

I know these links. My expectation is a bit different from searching all over the web and maybe finding something useful here and another thing over there

I was mentioning "typical use cases. is a modest starter with many gaps, nothing more.

To be honest, when i read your post, i directly thought about the video-promo or whatever you want to name it.

It was narated as “You, the user…wait a moment that’s not you…this is you. You are no stranger to technology”

They know that us the power-users the moment we get our hands on technology we mess with it and tweak it. So that it indeed comes with “generic settings”, NIC.CZ knew that we will never leave generic settings as they are. They KNEW that we were going to change things here and change things there. To dive in and use commands…i have been using Linux about 8 years and how simplified they have made openWRT is just almost insulting one would say. Because things have been made so easy, it has become hard for me to understand how to configure things :joy:

But just reading a manual here a wiki there and you get it how things should be configured. In the end i have learned many new things to be honest. I have talked and with other people. They have helped me…we together have found solutions.

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