No wifi in mox A with MIMO module

The omnia is fine. All the hardware problems are with the mox

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@Pepe do you have an update on this issue?

Also @pepe, as you have been quoting EU laws here. I assume by the EU consumer law I should be eligible to be refunded . As you were not clearly able to repair or replace my device that I sent to you for warranty repairs.

@alump I’m not sure if indiegogo campaigns fall under “consumer law” honestly. I mean… the thing with these campaigns is that by definition you don’t get a finished device but something a little bit beta. I’m not upset about that at all. What I find highly regrettable however is the lack of feedback (no answers on email, not much feedback in the forum). It feels almost as if the Turris team doesn’t consider the people who participated in the campaign have the skills to help them fix the bugs. I’ve been working for a major router manufacturer (actually #2 worldwide) for more than 5 years, I know how difficult it is to make bug free hardware. And I also think I am skilled enough to give them valuable feedback on the crashes that I experience. I really don’t blame them that the device has bugs. But it’s very frustrating to not get answers. Quite disappointing, I agree.

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Yes, I know these being from indiegogo things can be used as excuse to not repair or replace devices. BUT… they broke my device on their service, and do not even response to my emails. I feel like they are responsible at least on that - no matter if it’s indiegogo campaign. So I way past complaining about issues on first batch devices, this has escalated to even worse already.

Hopefully you have your popcorn ready. It just got even worse. They have switched the Module A. How I know this… well look at this photo:

OLD: Alliance Memory as4c512mi6d3l (512Mb x 16 = 1GB)
NEW: SK HYNIX H5TC4G63CFR (256Mb x 16 = 512MB)

So they just not only sent me broken device, they also stole 512MB of my memory.

And I will try to communicate with their support team about this again, let’s see who they ignore me this time.

EDIT: I’m totally open to be corrected if my googling of datasheets went wrong.

Maybe stupid question: Did you look at LUCi:Status:Overview:Memory or free over ssh to confirm there is only 512MB of ram available?

I think you missed the earlier part… it doesn’t even start after their warranty “repairs”. I only get LED disco when i plug the power to it. So the only tools I have right now are the texts written to the top of the chips.

They must have made a logistics error and send you an early phase development board?

If it’s a mistake, it would only take few minutes to response to me on any of the channels I have tried to contact them (eg. email, here, indiegogo). I understand they have small team, but nobody having few minutes in a calendar week to response is just BS. They still have all the time in the world to tour around different events and promote their devices there (based on their social media).

Suppose that is part of the job and not clear whether it (detrimentally) impacts the customer service related to hardware issues without knowing the staff structure.

I mean the funds. They have money to do all that, but nothing is spared to support team anymore? Sure cz.nic is an “interest association”, so it’s little hard to know how their profits and expenses really go. And how people working with these projects get compensated.

For reference, rough structure of finances, employees, etc. is published in annual reports on the web – even in English – but I do not expect that’s really related to your particular problems/dispute (which is way outside my knowledge and competences BTW).

Agree. Am also still waiting for an answer (for the problem with the SDIO WiFi not being recognized, which I meanwhile fixed on my own with my sweet old soldering iron). And also frustrated that the device is unable to reboot without me manually pulling power…

Did you try to call by phone?

I haven’t been able to find any phone number to call. At least their contact page doesn’t provide any?



Phone: +420 222 745 111,
Mobile: +420 731 657 660

This conversion has too heated interaction, so I’m going to lock it.

You discovered during the weekend that there happened clearly a misunderstanding. Telling us that we stole memory from you, it is not true at all, man and also that we are giving you broking promises. It was me, who sent you a reply that I wrapped your package and it is going to be sent at the beginning of the next week. You couldn’t say that it wasn’t. You received it, right? I added that I will send you a tracking number I have it, but I didn’t have it even I asked for that. For the next time, you can try to be a little bit polite.

I apologize that I accidentally shipped you a wrong Turris MOX A module. We are people just like you and it shouldn’t happen. If you get it working, you can keep it. That’s what I can do for you.

On its way, there is going to be another package and now with your correct Turris MOX A module, which we fixed and it was running on my desk for 2-3 weeks under load. You will receive a tracking number on Wednesday.

On the other side, you can wait for a while before posting so many posts about receiving a dead unit from repair and it was the first time when it happened to me. Because now, I need to respond to all posts, which you posted everywhere. :wink:

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this fault!

These contacts are not for Turris support.

Ok. So I was just educated by @pepe on communication at thread. Which then was followed him instantly locking the thread, without even giving me a possibility to response to his message. So here we go… with a new thread in Feedback section.

First of all. @pepe if you write “SHOULD be shipped” to your email, it leaves the door being open that it might not be shipped then. That’s why follow up email, or even responding to emails asking for status update shouldn’t feel totally incorrect. Next time use “WILL be shipped” if you feel like this will be the end of the conversation. Also to just expand your knowledge… companies don’t really want to store packages for long time, so it’s pretty important to know if/when you have package arriving.

Second… I have to start fires to make sure something actually happens. As there are still people who have tried to contact you without success for months? Or am I wrong? Are these people at the forum lying, is this what you are trying to say? Is your support team really answering in reasonable time? If so… please tell us what is this reasonable time? I’m totally fine to play by your rules, but you have to define those first. How long we should give time for your team to answer? Week? Month? Year? Please tell us.

I know I was pushing this issue to get faster response (or to get a response). This was issue following another issue… because this my patience is really running low.

Thirdly… how about not educating your customers on thread, and then just locking it without even giving opportunity to response to your allegations. This was at least originally community router, or do I totally remember both campaigns wrongly? On community project one might expect some transparency. How about reacting why people are receiving unsoldered devices? What you are doing with high failure rate of SDIO modules? Or does community now just be defined by: “here is your device, now you figure out what’s wrong with it”?