No wifi in mox A with MIMO module


I just received my Turris Mox module A which is supposed to come with a “2,4/5 GHz (2×2 MIMO) WiFi Card” (indiegogo order #456).

I opened the device to plug in a sd card and flash the firmware (which worked) and I could see there’s an extra card in there with antennas wired but I can’t get wifi to work.

Forris says the following error message when visiting the Wifi section:

We were unable to detect any wireless cards in your router.

dmesg doesn’t seem to show the wireless card either. I sent the result of the “Forris Diagnostics” tab to

For what that’s worth, the red led is flashing, about twice per second, with a pause. Not sure what that means either.

I was able to connect the device to the internet, as a DHCP client, because it’s supposed to act as a bridge for my other Turris Omnia machine.

Thanks for any help

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