No LXC-Template available in list (possible solution)

Hello there,

i had actually a problem where none LXC-Templates are available in template list on luci-webinterface, but days before i created a Linux-Container (LXC) successfully by choosing one out of the list.
There happened no updates a day before or today so i could exclude a problem from there.
On deeper investigation it was a misconfiguration in a default config-file at /etc/lxc/

Hours before i tried to rename “LXC_NAME” for my LXC-container and on luci interface for LXC i entered in one of the installed LXCs configs a wrong command for the interpreter (i.e. instead of lxc.utsname).
This produced on reload or restart no errors and the LXC was possible to start and stop and work with.
But you couldnt create a new LXC, because there was no template available anymore.
By manually creating at shell with command line (lxc-create -A -n xyz) it shows the error and gave a hint.
If you probably misconfigured a LXC config and result in same problems like above then just go to /etc/lxc/ and fix the line which is misconfigured. Then the list should be available there again.

Why is it written here as bug ?
Coz normally the interpreter should just give out a warning about a misconfigured line and then stop or go further with a suitable info for the user in front of which not happened here - just no templates available.
Just my 5 cent, but probably the team could implement such error-info in addition for one of the next releases.


*Greets going to CCC-Hamburg, DigitalCourage, HackerSpace-Bielefeld and all freaks from C64/Amiga in the past :slight_smile: