Nextcloud Update to 17.0.2

Hi all. According to Turris documents - as per below, we are not to attempt an update of Nextcloud. Any idea on when we are likely to get release 17.0.2 ? The current version (according to Luci software packages) is Nextcloud 16.0.7.

“Also bear in mind that if you are using Nextcloud from our repositories, you shouldn’t update the Nextcloud core manually as that would get overwritten by next update. So update just your extra apps and leave the core to us.”

You need update to latest version of 16.x branch first.

According to Luci > System > Software, this version is 16.0.7-1.0. I cannot see any update candidate for this release.

You must wait on release of this update. It´s depend on your TOS version. For example, TOS 3 have newer version of 16 branch in RC.

If you are using Turris MOX, you can have TOS 4 and you will need to wait for TOS 5.

Ok, thanks for this update.

Reaction from Turris team to your request.

Thanks all, I look forward to seeing the new 17.x Nextcloud in Turris OS 5.0.

Me also! I want to start with my own installation after TOS 5 and Nextcloud 17 will be released.

Netxcloud 18 could be in TOS 5.1.

Excellent! looking forward to this.