Nextcloud & nextcloud_install bugs/issues

Trying to install nextcloud as per the documentation ( is not going to work:


  • lighttpd-mod-access has an invalid post-instg-pkg script so installation doesn’t finish properly when opkg tries to execute it (it probably shouldn’t have a *.postinst-pkg at all, judging by its generic *.postinst) script.
  • php7-fpm doesn’t remove cleanly, because of an opkg warning about some invalid temporary unpack directory
  • nextcloud doesn’t appear to install libmysqlclient which is necessary for the MySQL PDO driver to work, which Nextcloud relies on (so the nextcloud_install script fails with an ugly stack trace)
  • Manually installing libmysqlclient fixed that one, but then it turns out the default charset of utf8mb4 which nextcloud uses is not supported.
  • libmysqlclient does not appear to ship a /usr/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml file or indeed any charset definitions. Not great.
  • taking a look at the MariaDB client instead: its /usr/share/mariadb/charsets/Index.xml file contains no utf8mb4 entry either. This means that by default Nextcloud cannot work with the MariaDB packages from the Turris repos.
  • fixing that could be done by editing the /srv/www/nextcloud/config/config.php file but the point of the utf8mb4 is support for emoji and suchlike. So it implies a regression in features/functionality.
  • It would therefore be better to enable support for the utf8mb4 charset/collation in MariaDB itself.
  • Beyond that, the nextcloud_install script does not make it clear what the ‘admin’ login refers to. Turns out it is not the root user of the mysql/mariadb database.
  • It also does not suppress echoing of the password for the admin user.
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On Turris v1.0 it runs well in debian LXC container…

I know, it was mentioned only as a suggestion. IMHO it is always better to install any application not directly related to firewalling/routing into separated LXC and let it work as separated application server in DMZ. From many reasons, security (at 1st), scalability, manageability etc…

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A Turris Omnia, OS version is 3.8.5

Agree, but the best way how to contact Turris devs is through e-mails:

I am wondering why this tutorial is still online. I also followed the instructions of the tutorial after a factory reset of my omnia without any success. The tutorial made me think it is really easy to install nextcloud, but this seems not to be the case. When do you think there will be an updated one?

yes, it is very easy to install Nextcloud.

There was just one little mistake in our documentation, which I fixed.
I tried it on Turris Omnia, which has the latest version 3.9.1 and it works.

Can you try it once again and let me know if you find any other problem?

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And what about situation with Nextcloud installation to the Turris1.x?

Thank you very much Pepe, now it also works great here!

Still doesn’t work for me, even after upgrading to 3.11.3…Nextcloud installation problem

Thank you for any suggestions.

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