NextCloud maintenatnce

After few weeks of using next cloud on Turris Mox, clients started to display message, that NextCloud server is in maintenance mode.
When I try to connect to N.C. web interface, I get upgrade prompt message:

Manual stated, that Turris users should not update NextCloud core manually, see, but I can’t upload new files to my NextCloud.

What is the appropriate solution to his case? Following manual is Denial Of Service :slight_smile: on the other hand, I did not want to have any problem on future upgrades.

Thanks for some advice or hint.

So you didn’t start the update process by yourself? I just got my MOX two weeks ago and when I started to set up Nextcloud (activating the package in Foris) it was 16.0.3. So I guess you have activated automatic software on the MOX and the device updated the Nextcloud software. This should be visible in Foris notification tab (as long as you didn’t restart the router since the possible update).
In this case the Nextcloud software is updated to 16.0.3 - and the server want’s to perform the update with your login (that doesn’t run automatic to my mind).

But be careful - I just guess that this might be the reason that the MOX shows this message on the login-page of your Nextcloud.

Automated updates are enabled, LuCI show NextCloud version 16.0.3-3.2, so it is not clear to me, why NextCloud is in maintenance mode, might it be it want only to apply changes received with new installed SW (by Turris updates), but this is something I’m not able to recognize from the message. Will try restart MOX (despite I don’t like this way of “solution”) and we’ll see whether it help or not.

No change after restart, so I clicked on upgrade button and yes, it works now, still in doubts whether this was right doing so…

It’s what I do. Nextcloud has to do database scheme upgrades.