Newbie seeking for help

Greetings, community !

I have a more of general questions regarding this wonderful project.
I hope someone can shed a bit of light, I will be most thankful :slight_smile:

  1. I want to pull trigger on this router on Indiegogo + 2GB upgrade perk, but:
  • I’d like to know, how exactly system will recognize that it was me who ordered router + RAM upgrade ?
    Will you match me per email or payment ? It seems I can’t “buy” both router and perk at once… Do I have to register on Indiegogo site ?
  • When shipment time will come, how will you notify buyers ? Will you ship routers per postal service or courier (UPS,…) ?
  1. I know this router will be fanless, and its metalic case will be used as radiator:
  • I’d like to know, if you will use system similar to CPU coolers - CPU with thermal compound and radiator on it ?
    I know this CPU will be not like regular x86 in desktop PCs (with TDP), but still, if you are going in fanless way, will this be properly managed ?
  • If it will be really fanless, I suggest to correct description on Indiegogo, stating “… and cooler are included.”.

Please let me know as soon as you can, I intend to pull trigger ASAP :slight_smile:


  1. Yes, you’ve to register on Indiegogo and buy the router and the perk separately. They’re connected to your account, that’s how your orders are “matched”.

  2. It’s totally fanless and the router is a complete router. The missing cooler is mentioned at the description of the " board only" perk. In my opinion, it wouldn’t make sense to change the description.


@M4x Thank you very much for your prompt answer. This variant crossed my mind, but I wasn’t sure (and I try to keep account-less approach to such things).

OK, this makes sense (and thanks for explanation), but I got confused since that missing “cooler” is mentioned in “Featured” perk ($229), which is a complete router (with antennas etc.). But it’s clear now.

You’re welcome. And you’re right about the description. Can be confusing.



are you shure an indigogo account is needed for matching the router and the perk? I just bought them seperately without an account using the same email adress and payment method… never thought about how it will be matched :sweat_smile:


Oh, sorry! I thought an account would be necessary. Couldn’t find something specific in the FAQs. Anyway, using the same email address should be finde.


I created Indiegogo account, for sake of 0 problems with recognizing my order(s).

But I am still seeking for answer about delivery - I am working/living in Czech Republic, but I am in process of moving to different place (same CZ city), and I just can’t put current address as delivery address.

Can somebody from Turris people tell me (us), what will be delivery system ?
Can I change later delivery address ? Will you use any courier company, which might make things easier ?


The project team told us (somewhere in the comments) that they’re going to send out a survey where there’re going to ask some questions. Normally, a project creator/team is although asking you to confirm your delivery address. So don’t worry, wait for the survey and if you’ve to change your address at a later time, write them an email.


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