New prototype has 2G ram, what is the use of the 2G perk then?

I see the new announcement:

“New prototypes arrived!The differences might be hard to spot so let me help you to find them. This board has 2 GB of RAM

I ordered the 2G perk, but what is the use of that, if the board has already 2G of RAM?

Leaving out or using a smaller one is simple. Using a bigger one requires at least one new connection. So creating a prototype with 2 GiB RAM is even required to test it. No one wants 2 GiB RAM but only 1 GiB usable. Right? :smiley:

The new prototype was made in two versions - 1 GB and 2 GB of RAM to tests both options. So do not be alarmed, Omnia will have 1 GB in standard configuration and 2 GB is extra. Nothing has changed.

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