New notification mail server


we have just deployed new mail server for notifications from Turris devices which can be configured in Foris maintenance tab.

Foris screenshot


If you don’t use this service, nothing changes for you and you should not experience any difference anyway. We have done everything to make this migration as smooth as possible and I can see e-mails are delivered properly through this new server at the moment.

We have also increased the limit of e-mails to 10 messages per hour for each device. This limit is far more than any properly configured device should generate.

However, if you use this service in non-standard way, make sure you send e-mails from domain as this new server is more restrictive one and will not accept e-mails from other than this domain (for example e-mail from root@myomnia will be rejected).

Please let me know if everything works as expected.


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For me it seems to work.

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It looks good … I’ve tried Turris1.x and Omnia notifications and have been delivered successfully.

But from my new MOX nothing … this is probably not error of new mail notification system, but the consequence of this known bug in TurrisOS 4.0


Yes. This is one of the missing features that blocks beta release. MOX has different “crypto” device and mechanics which are incompatible with old method we used for Turris 1.x and Omnia. We are working on that (and it would be unified and used by 1.x and Omnia as well). This new mail server is part of this process.

For anyone reading above - the new notification server is working on the MOX now with TOS 4 beta1.
Tested yesterday to a adress

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Yes, it’s true … it works on my MOX too.

But … it haven’t had any official communication about it yet :frowning:

Hi guys.

You are discussing this in wrong thread. This message was intended for long-time users which use our mail servers to deliver the notifications.

Mail notifications for MOX was introduced in 4.0 beta1 however, it is somehow missing in the change log. I will notice my colleague to update this.

I will close this thread as far as I know, no issues with new mail servers was reported.

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