New devices detection - ouidb

I want to get notifications about new devices in my LAN so I checked “New devices detection” in ReForis which in turn installed a package called ouidb. Now what? How do I configure it?

  1. I want to receive emails (or get a webhook callback) when a new device is discovered.
  2. I want to do than only for br-lan and not for my other VLANs, namely not for the guest one.

I don’t mind if it doesn’t have a GUI interface but so far I haven’t found any way to run configure it. Any ideas?



device detection developer here.

There is no need to configure ouidb. It is just database of OUI vendors, which helps to identify manufacturer of device based on MAC address.

If you have configured email notifications and enabled “Send news”, you will get emails about new devices as well.

(Screenshot from reForis)
Using webhooks is not possible, it is handled by notification system on router.

It is definitely possible. Please take a look at the project README and edit /ect/config/dev-detect configuration accordingly.

There is no UI yet, just cli interface dev-detect for database manipulation (search, delete, list, clear) and configuration has to be done manually in uci.

Some UI might appear in reForis in the future, but we are not actively working on that right now.