Network Configuration for OpenWrt omnia 15.05 r47055

Hi, first post here, so apologies if i’ve popped this in the wrong place!

I need a help to setup my Omnia router as following:

  • create 2 SSID, (public-ssid and work-ssid).
    public-ssid should assign private IP address (
    work-ssid should assign public IP address (

Both these networks will have one gateway to my ISP:

  • I have also a sever that need to have public IP address, so I need to connect it into port4 on the switch.


The hardware aside, this forum caters more to the TOS user base than OpenWrt and your node seem to run OpenWRT (as opposed to TOS).
OpenWrt features its own user forum, which might prove a better source to address your question.

Did you get familiar with the documentation provisioned by OpenWrt, e.g.

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