Netdata questions

I installed netdata on my Turris Omnia. I ran into two problems:

  • By default it binds to all interfaces, including the one available from the Internet. According to the documentation the following configuration can limit it to a single interface:
    [web] bind to =
    but according to netstat netdata is still bound to all interfaces:
    root@turris:/etc/netdata# netdata 17-08-23 17:39:26: INFO: netdata: Listening on all IPs (IPv6 and IPv4) root@turris:/etc/netdata# netstat -anpt | grep 19999 tcp 0 0 :::19999 :::* LISTEN 30197/netdata

  • my other problem is, that sending JSON formatted data does not seem to work:
    [backend] enabled = yes type = json destination = localhost:1234 data source = average prefix = netdata update every = 10 buffer on failures = 10 timeout ms = 20000 send charts matching = *
    I don’t see any connection attempts on the receiving side.

Any ideas how to resolve these problems? As I’m new to netdata, I don’t know if it’s a bug in netdata, in my config or a limitation of the package on Turris…

You’re probably better off opening up issues on the git for netdata.

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I was asking here, as I know that distro packages often have limitations. For example syslog-ng on the Turris is missing half of the possible destinations, as it would add too many big and rarely used dependencies.

Just tested: both of the above configs work perfectly on my laptop built from the latest git. So, it’s most likely either a limitation of the package or a bug in the version used on the Turris.