Netbird support

Hello there. I am trying to get netbird running on my omnia but got stuck because since it’s not part of the standard package repo.

I tried to compile it on my own according to this project for openwrt GitHub - messense/openwrt-netbird: OpenWrt package for netbird but then found out, that Turris is using different approach.

Could anyone suggest how to proceed to build the package the way that it might get to the official package repo?

I mean for it to get into the official package repo, you’ll need to make a request. It’s probably better to make a request or see if it will make it into the OpenWRT builds, but if that’s the case, it would take quite some time for it to show up as an official package in Turris since Turris is always a ways behind the official up to date OpenWRT.

I’ve had some good luck compiling my own packages based on the OpenWRT build environment. I normally create a container for it, then I can add my own packages as I see the need.

Hi there,

I do have good news for you guys. Netbird is part of the standard packages repository. It was merged in March 2023:

Let’s say I was quite proactive and backported this package to OpenWrt 22.03 branch. So, it means once the new build of HBL is compiled, it will be there, or you might want to wait until Turris OS 7.0, which will be using OpenWrt 22.03 will be released to more stable branches.

Because there was also a question about how you can build a package, well, it’s quite easy once you understand everything you need to have. :slight_smile: It is described here: README.adoc · 49767f383127d6e61c7a646190589123bc0f194b · Turris / Turris OS / Turris Build · GitLab hope that helps. If not, reach the Technical support department or rather create an issue on CZ.NIC GitLab. These guys should help you.