Need to restrict bandwidth to 4MB down for just a few minutes!

Hi. Omnia user here, but not anywhere close to being a power user - much less a power administrator!

I’m thinking of moving to a location where my WAN speed will be severely limited (compared to the 90M down I currently enjoy). It will likely be around 4M down.

This would also involve working remotely and using a Windows desktop that originates on a Windows Terminal Server connecting through RDP using the mstsc app on my local Windows computer.

I need to TEST the function of this app with restricted bandwidth.

Based on some google searching I’ve done, the wshaper package should let me do this. What I’ve done:
installed wshaper.
enabled a guest network on the Turris
iwconfig shows the guest network name as 'guest_turris_0" and my two WLANS as wlan0 and wlan1.
What should the FULL content of my /etc/config/wshaper be?
I want to leave wlan0 and wlan1 unlimited
I want to restrict guest_turris_0 to 4M download and 256K upload.

If I can get the restriction to work, I’ll likely leave it configured, but require manual start stop through SSH commands:
/etc/init.d/wshaper start
/etc/init.d/wshaper stop

And I’ll probably use it only twice! First for myself, and second for my prospective housemate is at my current location to try with HIS laptop - he is also looking to work remotely - and uses a completely different means of access - which I can’t myself test.


The Guest Network Feature in Foris allows you to limit bandwidth. I don‘t know what is used as backend but setting up a Guest Network in Foris, setting up a bandwidth limit and then connecting your Client to it might be a fast and easy solution…

Too simple! I was searching around the Luci interface, not the Foris interface for a quick way to do this. Although it DID take a full router reboot to take effect - not just the Wifi reboot when I “Saved” through the Foris interface.

And my remote access to work works great under that throttling. Will keep the guest network (password protected) until my prospective housemate has a chance to test HIS remote access setup.