Need help with organizing the home LAN

I’ve just moved into this new place and I need some advice on how to configure the LAN here.


There are two rooms with two routers.

Room 1 - ISP connection + office equipment
Room 2 - home theater/network_disk/kodi

The two rooms are connected via power-link as they are quite far away with multiple walls in between.

What I’ve done so far:

I’ve connected power-link in the Room 2 to the WAN port of the Turris Omnia 2 router which made it connect to the internet so that works.

What is broken now is the LAN connection between Room 1 and Room 2. They are now on different LAN’s and (for example), the local disk is not visible in the office.

What I want to achieve:

I want to have the same network in both rooms, or at least somehow connect them so they are visible to each other.

Thank you all.