Need help with organizing the home LAN

I’ve just moved into this new place and I need some advice on how to configure the LAN here.


There are two rooms with two routers.

Room 1 - ISP connection + office equipment
Room 2 - home theater/network_disk/kodi

The two rooms are connected via power-link as they are quite far away with multiple walls in between.

What I’ve done so far:

I’ve connected power-link in the Room 2 to the WAN port of the Turris Omnia 2 router which made it connect to the internet so that works.

What is broken now is the LAN connection between Room 1 and Room 2. They are now on different LAN’s and (for example), the local disk is not visible in the office.

What I want to achieve:

I want to have the same network in both rooms, or at least somehow connect them so they are visible to each other.

Thank you all.

What Home Theatre you guys have?

I’m also facing some issues in connecting my Home Theater to a Computer LAN. I bought a home theater with full media lounge furniture last week but haven’t sorted out anything yet.

edit: If anyone wants to know I bought the lounge set up using 4seating coupons. The best setup I experienced so far.

I have similar setup. I have one Omnia connected to the Internet on Wan port serving DHCP and stuff on lan lets say and the other omnia is connected lan-wan and there is only br-lan with every lan ports and eth2 interface so they are in the same network. You have to set static IP lets say on your other router and you are good to go. Just make sure DHCP is not serving 192.168.1.[1-2]. If you dont use Omnia/MOX as second router then skip wan port and connect routers lan-to-lan instead. Just be sure only one has DHCP enabled.

Are you living in an apartment or a house? Reason I ask, if it’s a house you might want to look into MOCA instead of using EOP. MOCA is basically a media converter that sends ethernet over your homes existing COAX wiring so everything would stay on the same Layer 2 network. Speeds are great also.

You have to move Omnia to place where ISP connection ends and conenct it to WAN port of Omnia. Then, from Omnia LAN you have to connect office equipment and powerline via LAN.
If powerline contains DHCP, it is recommended to turn it off, or set DHCP in omnia as “the only dhcp” in network.
If you need more LAN ports fore home thatre, use switch between powerline and home theatre etc.

This should work.

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