Need help With a hacker how to secure my network

Hi Everyone ! I have a question and I would really apreciate some helpful Answers AS I see here are some people who know the topic. I have a problem with a hacker. He hacked my Facebook account, my iCloud before, I have two step verification on my Facebook and ICloud right now. So He hacked my wifi at my house and at my parents house. Changed password and network bane and He still hacked IT. I want to secure my wifi and but Turris omnia. Is IT really hackerproof and no way He can hack me again? What should I do to secure myself? If there are any serious white hat hackers and computer people who are working with these issues I will be happy to order Your services. Or maybe point me towards some services and tell me how to secure myself in the future. Thank You in advance.

If they are already in your house network, getting rid of them can be a chore. They could have backdoors in any or all of your network enabled devices. Without knowing everything you have, no one can help you properly get rid of someone.

The first steps would be to disconnect your house from the internet, and start cleaning every device you have, from your computers to tablets, gaming devices, media players, everything. Go through one by one and reformat and reinstall if necessary. Once you’re sure everything is clean, and protected with strong passwords, patched and up-to-date, then slowly start reconnecting to the internet.

Good luck.