Need default password after factory reset

Could someone please point me to the page with the default password for Omnia’s Foris interface? I finally did a factory reset after several days of router meltdowns. Cannot find the pw on the forum or doc.

If you did do a factory reset, when you came to the Foris interface you would have been brought to the initial setup, which has no password.

The proper reset procedure is here You want to hold down the reset button, and as soon as the third light from the left turns on, release the button. Don’t hold it too long, otherwise the router will proceed to the next reset mode.

Thanks @tonyquan. I was at the LuCi interface on autopilot. :slight_smile:

Foris not found … what next ?

Error: 404 Not Found

Sorry, the requested URL ‘’ caused an error:

Not found: ‘/foris/’

Try /wizard/ instead of /foris/

There have been some changes, for now it is for entry to Foris (or simply ).