Need advice to set-up vlan over wifi on Omnia 6.4.2

I have set-up vlans over the ethernet ports and it is working fine. The set-up is equivalent to a managed switch.

Now I want to expand vlans to Wifi, but I encounter a difficulty:
I have created 4 vlans in the br-lan device, but, I enabled ‘local’ only for the management vlan. This set-up is then creating only 1 vlan in device and I can only create only interface with the management vlan.
When I go to wireless page and I want to create an SSID, I am only proposed the management vlan which is the one I don’t want to see over WIFI. I can’t see any other vlan.

Do I need to enable ‘local’ on the other vlans, even though I don’t want any of them to connect to the router except for the management vlan? Or is there another way to do it?
What should be the firewall set-up to ensure that there is no cross vlan routing and that only the management vlan is authorized to communicate with the router?

So, what I did is:

  • enable ‘local’ for all wifi VLANs on the ‘br-lan’ device
  • create for each wifi vlan an interface with protocol ‘unmanaged’
  • as my default firewall is ‘reject’ for input, output and forward, I included none of wifi vlans in any firewall zone

So far it seems to work, but is it correctly secured?

There was topic like this. Cannot find it now. Basically you add manually in the field with ports in your br-lan new port with your WLAN interface so most likely wlan0 wlan1 wlan0-1 or something like that. So you add it to your bridge. Save settings and next time you open VLAN settings you can assign untagged VLAN to your WiFi Interface.

By default there is no interzone routing set so if you didnt allow it it won’t work. So simply Reject Accept Reject should be enough

Are you referring to this post?

No I found it:

Thanks @AreYouLoco :+1:
I did some experiments and, as it is a dumb AP set-up:

  • reject reject reject as default allows correct network traffic on the VLANs
  • accept accept reject is needed for the management VLAN (input to config and output for updates)

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