NAS use-case questions

Hi, I have few questions about using Turris as NAS with HDD connected to one of the USB3 ports.

  1. Is there enough power for HDD on USB3.0 ports for using drive without external power supply?
  2. (I have already asked this question ion other topic but is it related) Is it possible to power down router by “poweroff” command or using any button (GPIO, etc.)? By power down I mean all necessary shutdown actions of Linux namely incl. unmounting connected HDD and switching everything off (except external power supply obviously)?
  3. What is typical write speed to HDD with Samba server running on router - from LAN cable connection and from WiFi (for big and small files)?


Ad 1) Depends on your HDD, but I think they somewhere stated that the available power should be fine for common HDDs.
Ad 2) I just clarified my answer in the other thread. Short version: yes.
Ad 3) I don’t think that the Samba software will be the limiting factor. It rather will be your link’s speed, your HDD’s bandwidth and/or the protocol overhead. But these factor’s are common to all NAS devices.

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Thank you for your answer!
Have you measured transfer speed to USB3 external HDD through USB port (e.g. simply just by using dd command from OpenWrt)?