NAS case practical questions

Thank you for all your work! I am excited to see you listening to the crowd. I have questions regarding the newly added NAS case.

The NAS case is a seperate case for the Turris board? Do I understand you correctly that I would have to take the board from the regular case and build it into the NAS case? I am interested in the NAS case, but have the standard case ordered. If I leave the order as it is and add the NAS perk, I’d end up with a spare standard case, correct? Should this be the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to re-offer the board only perk?

Also, is the NAS case compatible with the hacker pack?

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Quoting Leonardo from a comment in another post to add more questions:

What is the size of the new case?
What is the max transfer rate from external USB 3? Or msata? Already answered in the latest project update!
Does it require a bigger power supply? How the hard drives get their power?


Some questions answered:

If you live in or near germany you may send the spare standard case to me :wink:
This way i can drill and cut holes without risking the original case.

:yum: In fact, I live in Germany. Not a bad idea. After all is set up, I’ll think of you. :wink: It may be, however, that I hold on to the standard case for some time in the event that the NAS case does not deliver the expected results.

Yes, you will end with spare standard case.

You can order NAS case to your hacker pack, but we produce NAS case only without special holes for connecting other accessories.

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I’d also like to read answers to the other questions in this thread:

If I leave the order as it is and add the NAS perk, I’d end up with a spare standard case, correct? Should this be the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to re-offer the board only perk?

There may be other supporters, who are happy to have a spare case. I am not one of them - for me, it is a waste of material, effort and money. If I had known, how the NAS perk will be designed, I would have gone for the “board only” option. In fact, it has been removed only two weeks before the NAS perk has been added.

Doesn’t it make sense to

  • either offer the NAS perk as an upgrade (i. e. to deliver Omnias with the NAS perk ordered as “board only” with the NAS case coming separately and later)
  • or to delay the delivery of the Omnias ordered with the NAS perk and deliver them in the NAS case directly

instead of forcing the folks to keep a useless case or to try to sell it? In both cases, the NAS perk could get a little cheaper, too.


… but it is compatible with the LTE perk, right?

Omnia board has only 3 mPCI slots.
One usualy used for 2.4 GHz wifi.
One usualy used fo 5 GHz wifi.
You will need one for LTE card.
And one for NAS box drives.
You have to choose what you want to connect, if you have only 3 mPCI slots in omnia.

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Probably not have to choose, as most mPCI Wifi cards come with dual frequency. Unless the build is being made up with older single frequency?!?!?

The 2.4 GHz WiFi card is a single band card with a 2x2 config.
The 5 GHz card is dual-band card with a 3x3 config.
Removing the 2.4 GHz card and the signal combiners will leave you with a plain dual-band card.
I don’t think they restrict the card to 5GHz only.
With regards to the antennas i think they are all dual-band because it is probably cheaper and less error prone in the factory to use 3 dual-band antennas instead of 2 dual-band and 1 single-band.

That’s interesting: Compex website says, the 900VX is a “simultaneous multiband” card… that means it can really transmit on 2.4 and 5 GHz at the same time?

I am unable to find any reference to simultaneous multiband. It is only dual-band.

hmm, looking it up again i figured that i landed on yesterday and read it there, actually (or i assumed it’s their offical shop, dunno) →

It’s only dual-band card. It is able to work on 2,4 GHz xor 5GHz. It is not able to work on both of them in the same time.
Our router is able to work on 2,4 and 5GHz in the same time, because it has two cards.

yeah, i should have done some better research before posting, sry… thx for clarification, though :slight_smile:

Selling it actually is a viable option for me. I’ll be keeping the slim case for some time until I am fully convinced of the NAS setup. There may be others who want a spare one for tinkering.