NAS box set for Omnia

Thank you, thank you. NOW I am not limited to just my Samsung Msata 1Tb SSD as my very integrated NAS.
Maybe a new name to describe the very integrated system this little err slightly bigger box is becoming! Perhaps:
IHSR ( Integrated Home Routing Server) or should be in Czech.
ps: please move this to “3rd kind of router” or else as req.

Is it possible to order NAS box without SATA controller and cables?

This new case is a great news. But now I have more questions.
What is the size of the new case?
What is the max transfer rate from external USB 3? Or msata?
Does it require a bigger power supply? How the hard drives get their power?

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Leonardo, I quoted your questions in another threat here:

I measured the new NAS box for you. Its size is 245 x 135 x 110 mm (without anthenas).

Hard drives get their power from omnia board.
Change of power supply depends on hard drives you will use.


I don’t want to buy NAS box set right now, but sometime later. Will there be a possibility to buy it on your own shop in Czech Republic?


Anyway you can answer these questions?

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What miniPCIe SATA controller do you use?

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Extend of this question, what mPCIE controller and how to power disks, for people who overslept NAS box, and now must search best configuration how to make it yourself will be graat information. That can save a lot of time.

Completely agree. The router is open source and I hope the perks also, so it could be great to have an opinion to buy LTE pack, or NAS pack, but I can not find any information about which components where used in these great perks.

I have the following spares:
1 LTE pack

What did you need?

As mentioned here, you can simply buy the NAS box directly from the manufacturer in CZ. (I don’t know if they mind shipping abroad.)

Sorry @tomhonan I ordered all these perks from different locations a few days later. But someone might be interested :wink:

Thanks @vcunat for your reply. We have solved it few days ago here. When I was searching about topic about NAS, the topic you have mentioned was not answered, so I was not sure, if it is the right company. They didn’t have omnia NAS on website so I recommend them to do it :slight_smile: But I can confirm, that it is the right company, and they are very polite. I hope they have no problem to send it to other countries.

Still there are a lot of questions not being answered. Original power cables here, documentation of NAS BOX and as you see there are lot of topics across turris forum about it but still not answered from Turris Omnia team. Only they have said that they wont be delivering perks anymore! Shame :frowning: I prefer one official topic related to perks, where all these informations will be together.