NAS box molex connector wrong pinout

So I ordered a nas box the other day from a nice guys at (order #OBJ1723335)
and only yesterday I got my hands to assemble the whole thing.
so I assembled everything, and the router itself booted fine and worked, but the hdd won’t detect in the system. In fact, they were not even spinning. So a couple hours and two dead hdd later I’ve spotted the problem:
note how the molex adapter from the router has +5 and +12 lines mismatched.
That would’ve been an easy fix and would save me 2 HDD’s, if only I noticed that BEFORE assembling everything and turning the power on.
beware and double-check everything you get, even if it’s the least suspicious thing in the whole build…


Are there any chances that you are just way to strong? (and plugged that in other way around?)
…i know bad joke, sry man.

it was connected that way when it arrived. but I pulled it out with no force and reconnected back later - there is no way one can connect it with in any other way… and yea, bad joke :slight_smile:

I guess you should mainly notify them, so they don’t send it that way to everyone.

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I did send them a link to this post.

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Hello twoxfivex,
I’m sorry for this issue :frowning: I can’t check other NAS KITs because we sold them out (10 pcs.) but I suppose it is only unique failure. Two days ago we prepared another 20 cables and all of them are OK, I double checked it.

I would like to offer 20 USD discount for your next order.

Jiri Zika
DISCOMP s.r.o.


I’d still suggest you email those 10 buyers to double-check the adapter cable, as there might be some folks who, like me, didn’t get their hands on it immediately after receiving. Let’s hope this was just one time mixup, and my bad luck this time.
Thank you for offering me this discount. While I do realize that this is ultimately not your fault, but the cable maker’s, but this just proves that you are a nice guys once again. I’ll check your catalogue. Do you sell HDD’s by chance? :slight_smile:

Yep, I wrote an email to our customers too. We sell HDD’s by chance :slight_smile: But our major category is networking solution, so check the website. The offer is not time-limited for this moment.

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