Mwan3 stopped working after upgrade to 5.1.10

I setup mwan3 two weeks ago and everything appeared to work very nicely. After today’s software upgrade (turris omnia: 5.1.10) mwan3 looks like it is all right, but connecting to the internet doesn’t work. It appears to no longer do any connection tracking, i.e. all connections fail. Taking one of the wan connections down makes everything work again.

OK, I found the issue. The metrics for the wan interfaces (in /etc/config/network) had been removed. They need to be set and have a different value for mwan3 to work correctly.

I certainly didn’t remove these manually, so some script did that… Should never happen!


Package mwan3 comes from OpenWrt packages feed as it is with no further modifications. You should create an issue here with more details like what was removed in /etc/config/network and such.

@Pepe, it isn’t mwan3 that is the issue here… It’s that the network metrics were dropped from /etc/config/network . Done either by the turris os upgrade, foris or re-foris or possibly luci (seems unlikely to me). Hard to tell. I don’t know what else could have done it.

I can‘t confirm this issue, custom set interface metrics were untouched during update to TOS 5.1.10 on my device…