Mwan3 package update

I’m not sure where to report this, so i decided to make a topic about the mwan3 package version 2.6.14 i am using and my experience with it so far.

So far everything works just fine. The luci package however i experienced some error when wanting to change some settings in globals tab (through webinterface -->luci). However even though i experienced that, it still is is not that big of a deal, as you can change the settings through terminal or refresh and everything works as it should be.

The mwan3 topic on openwrt about mwan3 is still kind of a mess if you ask me, as it is very unclear to me what to use or what not to use in the case of a SELF zone. This is to direct traffic to the Omnia itself and the mwan3 the package then distributes traffic according to your mwan3 settings. In the usual case one only has 1 WAN interface and this is not needed to be configured. I myself have configured SELF setting.

With the old package (current package of the Turris OS (v2.0.2) when one interface is not offline, but unknown it still is counted as “working”, but i THINK this has been fixed with this version. If for example that interface is used mostly as the primary WAN-interface that most of the traffic is routed to, it will not work.

The status of the interfaces has been moved to (Status → Load balancing)

mwan3 interfaces

that will show you the status of the interfaces.

As of now it has gotten an update to version 2.6.15, gonna update to that and see how that goes. But so far my update for it. The coming week, going on vacation, so will not gain any new insight in version 2.6.15. Will be back in 3 weeks.