MultiWAN Support?

Any information about the possibility of multi WAN support? As in reconfiguring one of the LAN ports for use in a dual WAN configuration with some load balancing acheme?

MultiWAN from OpenWrt is supported on Omnia.

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is it possible tu have multiple wan - ordinary RJ45 as wan port 1, SFP as wan port 2

Unfortunatelly due to technical limitations, you can’t use RJ45 WAN port and SFP in the same time. But you can configure one of the switch ports as a primary WAN and SFP as a secondary WAN (and vice versa).

And is it possible to use RJ45 WAN port and one of the switch ports as secondary wan?

Yes, without any problems.

Works fine for me, my wan2 i setup in port3 (eth0.3) and all is well.