Multiple Suport


Is it possible to support Omnia with two routers (and only on shipping)?


Unfortunately not. The price of shipping depends on a weight.

Well, there are weight thresholds (your price doesn’t change between board version per example) and it might not make a difference between 2 or 3 routers per example, but the the biggest savings would come from not having to pay for the “customs procedure” several times as well as for the extra processing fee charged by customs.

Here is one example for Switzerland:

Shipping $20, procedure $10: Total $30 shipping (as shown on igg). Add $16 customs fee and you have $46 per board (without adding Swiss VAT on top)
For 3 boards that’s 138$

Now if shipping for 3 is something like $50, we have
Shipping $50, procedure $10, customs fee $16: Total $76 with a saving of $62. That’s non-negligible (almost half of an Omnia without Wifi ;))

So I hope you’ll be able to offer packs for enthusiasts who want to equip all their friends (or even small businesses with remote workers)