Multiple Isolated SSIDs without access to LAN through LuCi?

I need help with setting up multiple isolated SSIDs that are also isolated from the LAN, but have internet access. I’ve already bricked one Turris Omnia somehow, and have managed to mess up the new one already trying to get this working, which was fixed through the factory reset after a few headaches. I really need step by step information to achieve this through LuCi. I’ve been trying to complete this for like two months now since the bricked one, so this help would be literally immense.

Thanks in advance

So, the “guest network” feature (which I presume you know) is what you want except for not providing multiple guest SSIDs?

BTW, I don’t expect Omnia contains an easy foolproof way of having multiple separate guest networks, but I only know little about these things.

Hey vcunat, thanks for taking the time to reply, so basically I’m trying to create multiple guest networks, isolated from eachother and the LAN, through LuCi…

Try this: [SOLVED] AP isolated guest network

Hey Perry, I’m not sure exactly how to even execute that command. I followed this recipe from the OpenWrt Wiki, but the new wifi just doesn’t connect…

First, try setting one in Forris: and then set the next in Luci accordingly.

Do not forget the “DHCP Server–> Advanced Settings parameter DHCP-Options to set DNS to main gateway” 6, „, but with the correct IP.

I set it up for the first time. You can use the search and your own sense. There’s everything I used in that thread: [SOLVED] AP isolated guest network

The UCI is described here: Https://

Ok thanks everyone, it finally works! So for anyone trying to do the same, I added the Wifi network, then the guest network in Foris, then went in Luci and edited it according to…

then through terminal I typed in…

ssh root@
entered password
vi /etc/config/wireless

and then from there I edited the file and added… option isolate ‘1’

input :wq to save.

Thanks again!

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