Multiple access points/mesh network

Turris Omnia doesn’t cover my whole flat with wifi signal. Therefore I would like to add a secondary AP and connect it to turris using ethernet cable.

I found several articles:

Is there anything I keep in mind?
What possibilities do I have?
And what hardware should I buy? Just a standart wifi router?

I attached another router and used same network name and same network password. It works pretty fine, but it has a disadvantage. It creates another network. So when I walk in my flat then the device starts to obtain a new IP address.

Is there a solution for that?
I would like to use DHCP of the turris instead of the additional router.

You think repeater ??

Yes, I mean repeater.

But it should be connected to turris via ethernet cable (and not via wifi).

simply disable dhcp server at second router than it will forward packets to turris.

There are two networks

  • (turris)
  • (second router)

I tried that and it will not help to disable DHCP on second router :frowning: . It will just mean you have to set IP address manually on your cell phone. The network of the second router will remain.

I guess I would like to build mesh network.

I am looking for something like network switch, but for wifi.
It should

  • just ‘convert’ ethernet to wifi
  • not create it’s own network (like the second router)
  • forward all protocols like dhcp to turris.

I solved it :wink: and it’s simple. Just take whatever router and

  1. Connect it to your network via LAN port (and NOT via WAN)
  2. Set it’s ip address to be on same network as turris. In my case turris is, so I set the router’s ip to
  3. Disable DHCP on the router

Simple as that.

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