mSATA LED always on

The mSATA LED is now always on on my Omnia. I am not so sure when exactly that happen, I noticed it after latest upgrade (in my case it was upgrade from 3.10.5 straight to 3.10.7, because before I was able to approve upgrade to 3.10.6, the 3.10.7 was rolled out, but I think this does not matter).

Related configuration in /etc/config/system is:

config led ‘led_hdd’
option name ‘mSATA’
option sysfs ‘omnia-led:pci3’
option trigger ‘sda’
option default ‘1’

And in /etc/config/rainbow:

config led ‘pci3’
option status ‘enable’
option color ‘FF3300’

I did not change anything in this configuration, nor in HW connection. It was like this for very long time. Previously, the LED was blinking on sda activity, the same as HDD LED is doing on usual PC. There was never much of the activity though, so previously it blinked just occasionally. But now, it is always on.

I can see this from statistics graph in Luci that there is some very little activity on sda, which does not justify always-on behavior:

Doing things like “/etc/init.d/setup_led restart” or even rebooting whole Omnia does not help. The LED is always on. The color is correct, orange, as I configured. But no more indication of sda activity. That makes this particular LED pretty useless, just a static decoration.

Does the “trigger sda” actually work for anybody on 3.10.7?

it works on my Omnia, but I have option status ‘auto’ instead of enable …

Obviously, that does not help me :frowning: Still always on.

Tried with default 0?

I upgraded to 3.10.8, the LED is still always on.

Also, the notes for 3.10.8 release contains suspicious statement:
“kernel: drop blkio LED trigger as it was causing some issues from time to time”

Whole Omnia is just more and more disappointing.