MOX router with VDSL and SFP

Hi to all of you,

I am considering using some MOX routers for a pilot project of Greek School with FTTH access. There is a requirement for VDSL backup connectivity. So I am trying to figure out which MOX modules I can mix and match.
I am considering using the guideline from [GUIDE] Advice / List of VDSL Modem Bridge for Turris Omnia/Mox for Wan & SFP especially Germany
Since it is not possible to have two wan modules (aka G modules) with one Fiber SFP and another one for VDSL I cannot find a way to fulfill this requirement.


In the VDSL guide list are also external modems so you won’t need SFP port for them just normal Ethernet one so you can use SFP for fibre. Or you can look for company that will offer you professional solution (HW and services)

Hi Mike,
I assume you mean the Assuming that I have a utp out connected to MOX C. Is it possible to run PPPoE on a LAN port of Mox C, which is typical for vdsl ?


It would be better if someone with experience answered that but IMHO there are multiple options.
AFAIK any port can be WAN or LAN - it depends how you’ll configure it and the same for PPPoE. I would also assume that modem itself could do PPPoE so “output” to Mox will be IPv4 route.