MOX reboot issue and question regarding honeypot

Hi, every time I try to reboot device I have to power off and power on. Could you please help me with this issue? Turris OS 4.0.5, Kernel version 4.14.162. Also additional note, when will be available honeypot as a service also for MOX devices? Thank you

It was reported for 4.0.6

but also

I have installed the latest Turris OS 5.1.1 but I cannot enable automatic update since every time the mox hangs after reboot!

Turris MOX known bugs.

For the Reboot Hang issue please try this solution. Does it work for your board?


in my case, I did tested latest revision of the u-boot fix (v4) and it doesn’t solve the issue.

Still after update router won’t come up until manually rebooted.