MOX order/option mess

First I jumped onto MOX as super early bird. (order no 64)
Then I thought I would add some but add-ons listed was to messy for me and every time I returned there was another combination, a new add on or a plus kit some how.
I waited some and then took the jump and ordered a lot extras for me to build the things I wanted a couple of days ago.
Then I felt that I’m not going to use any of this and pulled out of every thing.

Today there are even more secret perks… Which is really great!

But for me it really feels as if I should not order anything and just sit a wait because I its impossible to get an decent overview of parts, options, boards, combinations, perks and super early this and that. And when I turn my back to the project another option appears again.

I feel mixed emotions about everything because I like the factor and features. It might be that I simple have too much on my mind at the moment.
Perhaps I’ll buy some second hand later on instead.