MOX: how to netboot?


On RC3, the MOX boots up (heartbeat LED) only for the first time after pairing. All subsequent reboots of MOX result in constantly lit LED light. Nothing ever appears on Managed Devices->Set up.


Now I found the Tab “Managed Devices”
There are 3 Listpoint: SET UP, WLAN and NETBOOT

In Tab NETBOOT there is found a Device with Serial 0000000D30006BBE
but nothing happend if I “Accept”
The Tab SET UP is empty.


I now see the same tab, and my Mox (which I paired using netboot-manager), is listed under Netboot.
I don’t see anything under “Setup” or “Wi-Fi”. How do I get a token referred to under “Setup”?


Ok, now with RC5 MOX can boot up every time and I even see it broadcasting the SSID. But the Set Up and Wifi tabs in Managed devices is still empty.

Also, my Omnia uses channel 7 on 2.4 GHz band. Once MOX chose channel 4, but second time it chose 6, which is kind of nonsense given that both routers are in the same room for testing. Is the wifi channel a truly random choice, or does the router scan the air in order to choose the best option? So far, my evidence would suggest the former.