MOX G (Super Extension) with mSATA SSD not working


I have plugged a mSATA SDD (Samsung 860 EVO) into my MOX G and cannot access it (not seen by fdisk).
Any suggestion on driver/config needed to make it work?

Thank you for your kind support!

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Unfortunately what you are trying will not work, there is no SATA controller on the G or B modules. Thus the disk will not be discovered. I tried the same with a kingston mSATA SSD an I failed, see: Using a MSATA SSD or M.2 SSD in MOX B Module

I switched to a USB enclosure for the mSATA at first, later I migrated to a USB-RAID-Disk-enclosure.


Thank you for the prompt answer!

So, the description about the MOX G about a “disk controller” is misleading and I will also need to go for a USB enclosure… :neutral_face:

Or is there a “disk controller” available to be plugged in? :thinking:

I think this description applies to a mpcie-sata controller, such as: or similar controllers.

There has already been some discussion on similar controllers. See: SATA controller on MiniPCIe

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