MOX Cloud - questions and critics

I’m still confused with my MOX Cloud. Perhaps someone can help me with the following questions - but if not I think about selling the device…

I backed the MOX cloud to set up my personal Nextcloud - which I git running after some problems. Mox should only act as server, as well Nextcloud and Media (minidlna is runnjng as expected).

First thing: Nextcloud on Mox seems to be very slow. I also have a Nextcloud running on a hosted webspace which reacts lots faster than the one on my local network.

Connecting from external (dyndns via internet, outside my home network) ist just possible with ports 443 (maybe that’s a problem of my router, a Fritz.Box 4590?) - and that blocks the access of the Fritz.Box from external.

Nextcloud Talk just works in local network. Can’t connect to the MOX Nextcloud with iOS Nextcloud Talk app.

I there any way to just giving access from external to the MOX Nextcloud instance, not the whole router?

Do I need to enable or disable some settings in Foris/luci like Firewall, Nat and so on to solve this Connection problems?

NAS package is also installed and enabled - but how can I connect to the nas shares from Windows or macOS - and how do I enabke or set up a specific disk space of my mox connected hdd? That seems just to be possible via luci, but as I can’t connect to the MOX network shares I can only guess if the paths are right…

(Perhaps it would be better to switch to a Raspberry Pi for just running Nextcloud and media server - MIX didn’t fulfill my expectations fir a personal cloud so far, so I’m somehow disappointed…)

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