MOX A SDIO Bandwidth

I’m curious what the bandwidth of the SDIO on MOX A is, I think normally this is 200Mbps for SDIO which limits the throughput of some WiFi cards that are installed using SDIO.

What is the SDIO throughput on MOX A? Will it limit the throughput of the SDIO WiFi cards used to 200Mbps?

I’m able to get 150Mbit tcp transmission speed off of the mox with my phone and tablet testing with iperf3 on an 80MHz 5GHz channel. For comparison, I get about 310Mbit from a Turris Omnia.

I looked up the hardware specs of the marvell armada 3720, and its SDIO is 3.0 which supports SD Spec 3.01 which supports either 50MB/s or 104MB/s depending on how used.

Are you using a wifi module on the SDIO pins of MOX A or using the MOX B module? I was curious of the speeds on the WiFi card they selected which, if I’m not mistaken, attaches to pins on MOX A to connect to the SDIO as opposed to the one in MOX B.