Moving storage problem

I moved the storage of my Omnia from an internal ssd to and external HDD, using the option in the web interface.

Unfortunately once the router restarted (took a while, probably cause I had files stored on there, NextCloud would not work, the url return a 401 or 404 (I cant remember which) and the app just keeps reporting errors. After a little digging, I found that in my ‘/srv’ directory there is another directory called ‘@’ this contains two another directories ‘mysql’ and ‘www’. ‘www’ contains just one directory called ‘nextcloud’.

So, the path to the next cloud folder is /srv/@/www/nextcloud/ I believe this should just be /srv/www/nextcolud/ correct?

I can just move the www folder, but what about mysql as there is already a /srv/mysql folder. is there a way to merge them or the databases?