More details about virtual server support


Can you reveal any information about virtual server support in Turris Omnia (e.g. name, what distro can be installed, architecture)?

thanks, miso

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You can see Alex’s presentation about virtualization on Turris. Definitely it is going to be done by LXC Containers. See this video from event “Evening with Turris” (With Turris 1.0 and 1.1 the predecessors of Omnia) -


I’m also looking on Alex’s github and from Czech guide it seems as Docker is also going to be one of possibilities…

I’ve got a somehow related question: i’m trying to get unprivileged LXC-Containers running on OpenWrt… i managed to compile shadow with SUBIDS support, but still no luck starting unpriv. containers (“Operation not permitted - Failed to mount proc onto /usr/lib/lxc/rootfs/proc”), and can’t find out yet, what exactly is failing here.

I’m stuck… did anyone ever try this before? Do you Turris-guys plan to support unpriv. containers?

That seems to be the other way around - a buildroot for Turris OpenWRT inside a Docker container (dependencies resolved, easy to install, etc.)

Although I fear this to be too cutting-edge T.B.H.; I secretly am wondering (and hoping) too.

  • Any official word on this?

B.t.w. this kind-off ties into documentation too.

It’s not impossible, i already described what needs to be done in in another thread, i’m sure the firmware devs will look into it some day